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On Roombles we are building a video based marketplace, that is fun!

Our Vision

Creating a mobile-based video shopping marketplace for Generation-Z.


World's largest population

The population of Gen Z is 2.52 billion, while the millennials consist of 1.72 billion. (IBM, 2019)

Love video content

Gen Z watches two times more videos on mobile devices than any other generation. (Adrenalin, 2019)

Mobile First

Gen Z had a 60% higher engagement in mobile apps per user than old demographics in 2019. (App Annie, 2020)

Creative in online platforms

Over half (56%) of Gen Z use social apps to express themselves creatively. (Snapchat, 2020)

Aspiring to be entrepreneurs

About 54% of Gen Z indicated they wanted to start their own company. (Nielsen, 2019)

Following influencers

More than 76% of Gen Z says they follow an influencer on social media. (Morning Consult, 2020)

Our solution

Roombles is a mobile-first, easy-to-use video shopping marketplace for physical products that connects young people with the same interests.

Roombles will soon be vailable on:

Sell-Side features

  • Set up your store within some taps on your phone
  • Create products and edit products easily just using your mobile device
  • Sell products using 1-Minute Videos
  • Sell your products on livestream while your audience is watching
  • Integrate your existing shop system (shopify, Wix, Woocommerce etc.) to use videos and sell on Roombles

Buy-Side features

  • Easy to use interface
  • See products in action to make a better purchase decision
  • See the people behind the products
  • Use our addictable swipe effect to discover products or product videos
  • Comunicate in real-time with sellers / brands
  • Speedy checkout within some taps

How big is the e-commerce market?

$ 4.13 trillion total sales value of global retail e-commerce in 2020. Estimated yearly growth rate of 20% for the next years.

Where is our target market?

Focus on Generation-Z based in Germany to start, then expand to Europe & US Market.

Why roombles is a game changer!

  • Great user interface – easy-to-use
  • We focus on people instead of products
  • Products can be seen in action
  • Selling on live-stream
  • Fully mobile based – no computer required
  • We target Generation-Z

Roombles vs. ecommerce

Reasons, why Roombles is better than a usual ecommerce store or marketplace.

voices of influencer

Who we are

Passionate entrepreneurs with 15+ years of ecommerce experience.


Co-Founder / CEO


Co-Founder / CTO


UX / UI Designer

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Roombles GmbH

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Mail: [email protected]


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